Why Foublie? 

Because how you feed your child matters.

Feeding kids is hard. Not only are there mixed messages on what you “should be doing,” but practically speaking, feeding requires a lot of planning and hard work. Foublie is your support system for feeding your family. We take all the evidence and turn it into practical advice. So why do we care about food, nutrition and how kids eat? Well, how and what you feed your kid matters.


Good Nutrition in Childhood Fuels the Brain for Learning.

Did you know a child’s brain reaches 90% of adult brain size by age 5? This is the most important time for nutrition & brain development so your child can develop their full potential.



Preferences and Tastes are Set Early

Studies show that the food environment the parent provides for their child will shape how they accept foods and what habits they form. These influence obesity and picky eating later in life. We also know changing behavior that has already been set becomes much harder and requires way more effort as they children get older. Prevention is key.




A Kids Job is to Grow

Childhood is a time of tremendous growth. Did you know that between birth and age 3 a child typically doubles in height and quadruples in weight? A child roughly reaches half of its full adult height by the time they are two! Inadequate nutrition in childhood can lead to irreversible problems with growth. 



A healthy feeding relationship between parent and child reinforces trust and safety for kids

Knowing how to navigate your child’s feeding journey is also empowering and crucial for your piece of mind. Your parenting style in general affects feeding more than we think.

Confidently feed your family