What's for Dinner?
Real Parents, Real Meals with Denise, the Founder of Partake Foods

Partake Foods Founder Denise & Her Daughter Vivienne

This week we are talking to one cool mama. Please meet Denise, she is the Founder and CEO of Partake Foods. Partake Foods are healthy snacks AND allergy-friendly snacks, all rolled into one. Sound exciting? Yes, it does! Food allergy families know this one well, it’s not easy to find foods that are healthy, allergy-friendly and tasty. Denise is on a mission to make allergy-friendly foods enjoyable for everyone. If you are a follower of this REAL MEAL series I bet you know why we wanted to chat with Denise about her family’s food view*.

Help us thank her for sharing her time with a follow on Insta! So over to Denise from Partake Foods. How does she approach food and nutrition at home?

You never know what’s sticking so keep talking about food

  • Talk to your child about food, what they eat, and what the benefits are because you never know what is going to stick. For example, the other day my daughter, Vivienne, said “well, I can’t have  any more juice, that would be too much sugar”.

…but say the right things

  • Remember kids are always listening. I try to say the right things, especially around my little girl. For instance, I hear people talk all the time about diets and calorie counting. How do I change what I say? One example, I try to focus on nutritional aspects of food and the benefits of what we eat.

Get kids involved

  • Habits form from an early age, and that palate informs your future with food. Involve your kids in food choices like what is for dinner.
  • Get your kids excited about food! For example, one way I do this is to get my family involved in cooking. In my home, Vivienne’s favorite job is to mix! 

Everything in moderation

  • You can have veggies, and you can have cookies, too! Vivienne is the Chief Taste Tester at Partake Foods, where all of our cookies include fruits and veggies in every bite. We even share a favorite cookie flavor, the Double Chocolate Chip cookies.

Be inspired by your kiddos!

  • My daughter doesn’t realize she is the inspiration for Partake Foods. But, she does know that the cookies in the grocery store are ‘mommy’s cookies’.

Very cool!

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So what’s for dinner?

These REAL DINNER families seem to share a love for tray dinners! Denise puts it all on a pan and there you go, a super yummy and easy dinner.

She says: To all the blog readers out there, please never boil a brussel sprout. Preparation is key! However, if you don’t think brussel sprouts are yummy, you need to try this recipe.

Ingredients: Salmon, olive oil, salt, brussel sprouts and/or broccoli

  • First, set the oven to 425 degrees.
  • Prepare the broccoli and brussel sprouts by cutting off the ends/stalks. Place in a bowl. Drizzle with a splash of olive oil and salt and mix together.
  • Next, put on the baking sheet next to the salmon (season salmon with salt and pepper after rubbing with olive oil).
  • After that, roast for 20 minutes, depending on what temperature you like your salmon.
  • That’s it!


*Note: This is not a sponsored post. We will highlight businesses and people that we believe in and that share Foublie’s values. Do you want to be featured? Shoot us a note at [email protected]

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