What Leah Chase Taught Us About Feeding Kids

Leah Chase is a food icon. She died earlier this month at the age of 96. At Foublie, we like to think of the world through food. It brings people together, it introduces us to new cultures and communities. We wanted to share Chef Leah Chase with the Foublie Fam and how we think she makes us better when we feed our kids (and ourselves!).

She cooked to bring people together.

“We Fed Everyone”. During segregation all people came to eat at her restaurant Dooky Chase. It was a gathering place for politicians, artists, and civil rights leaders. For that reason, it was the first integrated restaurant, when it was illegal. People set a new course of history in her restaurant over a bowl of gumbo and fried chicken.

Today, how can we be more inclusive? Do you try to accommodate friends who have kids that are gluten free or food allergies? Sometimes little efforts go a long way.

She was a  female entrepreneur.

“To be a woman, you have to look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a dog.” Leah Chase paved the way for little girls to grow up to be anything. In 1946, Chef Chase married Dooky Chase Jr, and started to work for the family restaurant. Chef Chase transformed the business from a sandwich shop to a restaurant where presidents came to eat. It was her idea to introduce things she saw working for high-end restaurants in the quarter like silverware and table cloths. The restaurant continued to evolve to be relevant today.

Maria and I love this the most! Get out there and follow your dreams.

She will always be a role model and the Queen of Creole Cuisine.

Leah Chase won the James Beard Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award, numerous awards from the NAACP and even has a cameo in Beyonce’s Lemonade video. Beyond just food, there was community to what she did. “The work on earth is truly what you do to help the world you live in. That’s my life. That keeps my blood flowing.”

You always have people that look up to you. We know that modeling is a thing. Your kids see you do something and they will start to do it too, from being kind to eating fruits and veggies.

Chef Leah Chase inspired many, including the creators of a Disney movie.

And not just any movie, a Disney princess movie. Watch the Princess and the Frog, to see how she inspired the character Princess Tiana.

Wow! This one just makes us feel good.

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