Summer Snacks for Kids
Bring on the Watermelon!

Now that summer is here, I bet you’re looking for some fresh summer snacks for kids (little and big). We made this round up for you to pick the snack that fits your family’s personality. How bout watermelon? Nothing screams summer like the bright squishy flesh of a watermelon. Let’s be honest, it’s over 90% water, but it’s Foublie coach and kiddo approved.

At Foublie we know food is way more than fuel. Food brings us back to summer evenings, pool days and beach mornings. So why not creating some summer snack memories? Here are 3 fun ways to eat some watermelon with your little ones this summer. 

What kind of watermelon fam are you?

For the Sporty Family: Snack & Spit

This one is a personal fave. You just need a seedy watermelon. That is right, no more of that seedless stuff! We highly recommend cutting the watermelon into triangles. Don’t know how to do that? The folks at Delish break it down for you with some clutch pictures. Check that out here.  Next you need an impartial judge and a line to stand behind. I recommend a nice high deck for maximum trajectory. Best for after a BBQ dinner.

For the Multitasking Family: Watermelon 3 Ways

The vision here is smoothie for now, fruit water for the day, and popsicles for later. Here you need watermelon, banana, a nut butter of you choice (I like almond), a nut milk (almond again), ice, lemon and ice cube trays (or popsicle things if you are fancy). This is a good one for all ages, including teething kiddos.

Step 1: Make a smoothie! Add together 2 cups of watermelon, 2 bananas, 2 Tablespoons of nut butter, a cup of ice and cover that all about ¾ of the way with the nut milk. Blend. Drink some now.

Step 2: Freeze it. Take the leftovers from the blender and pour into a tray or mold. Put it in the freezer. Boom.

Step 3: Use it all. If you cut the rind of the watermelon yourself. Take the scraps and throw that into a pitcher of water with ice. Let it soak for 30 mins and enjoy. Fruit water is good for about 24 hours then start over again.

For the Artsy Family: Watermelon Pizza

No baking needed! You just need a watermelon, some knife skills so you can cut the watermelon in about 1 inch cross sections like a pizza pie and extra fruit. For toppings try strawberries, blueberries, or pineapple. (Some argue this is the only time pineapple is good on pizza!)  If you want ‘cheese’ try a dusting of coconut flakes. Cocoa nibs would be nice too.


Want more summer snack for kids ideas or personalized help?

Food is sorta our thing. Check out more snack ideas or talk to a Foublie coach to get some personal inspiration! You’ve got this. Now go have fun and make some memories! 

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