Fruity Crisp Recipe

We love this recipe because it is flexible and has lots of ways to get little ones involved.

Skills: Measuring, Smushing, Mixing

Green Pepper Shamrock Craft

Green pepper food waste no more! Check out this craft that uses the ends of the peppers. 

Skills: Chopping, Painting, Stamping, Snacking

Dragons Love Tacos Recipe

This book is a Foublie favorite! Combine it with this taco activity and you’re in for a treat.

Skills: Chopping, Shredding, Building

Smashed Cucumbers Recipe

This one is therapeutic and delicious. Make it to smash something.

Skills: Smashing, Mixing, Chopping

Polenta Fries Recipe

Have you tried polenta? This recipe is a great introduction for little ones and adults! 

Skills: Chopping, Dipping, Rolling 

Breakfast Bake Recipe

If you have stale bread, this is a go-to recipe. Bonus, it’s delicious and toddler friendly. 

Skills: Tearing, Mixing, Cracking