Halloween for all
Why you need a teal pumpkin at your door

Hey, Mama! Would do anything to keep your kid included and safe, YES! (Duh.) Perfect, so read on!

There are so many food allergy mama’s out there trying to do just that and Halloween is really scary. Why? Reese. Pay Day. Sour Patch Kids. I could go on…Peanuts? Treenuts? Milk?…Kids have serious and life threatening food allergies.

What does a teal pumpkin mean?

A teal pumpkin at your door means you have non-food treats available for trick-or-treaters. This means you can accomodate families with food allergies, Celiac Disease, feeding tubes,  or restrictive diets. It is a signal that you are including all kids!

What you need to get started

A teal pumpkin! You can find them for sale at Target and Walmart, or you can paint your own. In addition to the candy you would buy as usual pick up some other non food treats too! 

Some non-candy ideas that don’t suck

  • Glo-sticks
  • Kazoos
  • Spider rings or vampire teeth
  • Crayons
  • Stickers
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Ready to welcome all trick-or-treaters?

Awesome! Once prepared, you can add your home to the Teal Pumpkin Project Map to signal to families that they can come to your home. 

This is a great idea! Where did it come from?

Becky Basalone started it all with the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee. She put two and two together and just look. What a difference one person can make for the lives of many. 

“I think that the general public is eager to participate because most realize that this is a simple compassionate act that can make a huge difference to a child.”

What are YOU inspired to do today?!

At Foublie we are constantly in awe of the power of mom. You go Becky. Anyone can change the world.

We put together the ultimate starter pack

Classes are the perfect way to get started. Watch at your own pace and when it works for you. Check out our 3 topics…

Our experts put together some pretty awesome videos that cover the evidence and tell you what you need to know to nourish yourself and your family.

Are you a lister? We’ve got shopping lists, check lists, how-to pictures and more!

Our Foublie coaches have professional quals. They are registered dietitians, lactation consultants and occupational therapists. At home they are food allergy moms, moms who have down BLW and honestly, they just get it.

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