Takeaways from FARE Summit 2019

We are about two weeks out from this years FARE summit and it has given us some time to reflect. It was an amazing event and Foublie was honored to be a part of it. So what were some of our takeaways?

Teens are Amazing

The Innovation Tank at FARE was both impressive and inspiring. There were apps that were programmed themselves like #GotYourBack and one to help with anxiety while going through immunotherapy. There was an anaphylaxis song to help remember how to administer epinephrine. The winner this year was Madigan Hester who won for her H&H Meditat medical tattoos that can be worn instead of medical jewelry especially while exercising. Watch out world, this next generation is savvy and ready to take on all the challenges.

The transition to college is hard for kids with food allergies

We heard this over and over. Navigating dining halls is hard and learning to cook on your own when both time and money are limited is even harder. College is often the first time your food allergic kid will be out managing their food allergies completely on their own and this is terrifying. Stay tuned, Foublie will be releasing a course made for you to watch with your teens as you transition to college!

Interesting studies are underway, but Food Allergy Research still lags behind

FARE CMO Dr. Tom Casale gave the example of asthma which has several biologic medications approved, while food allergy still has none. We heard interesting thoughts about the gut microbiome and other research on prevention. Plus, oral immunotherapy is advancing and for some kids we are getting closer to a cure.

Allergy friendly snack options are growing

We saw protein shakes, pomegranate licorice, cookies, and more! More and more options for snacks are popping up for kids with food allergies and we were super excited to see (and eat!) all of them.

Prevention is starting to enter the spotlight

Early introduction of allergens is important and FARE is spreading the word to parents and pediatricians. We at Foublie were there talking about early introduction at our booth, and other early introduction products like Ready, Set, Food and SpoonfulOne were also represented. As a society we tend to focus on treatments and cures, but it is nice to see prevention is also having a moment.

That is it from us! What did you learn at Contains Courage: FARE Summit 2019?

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