Sink or Float with Coach Krystyn

Today Coach Krystyn will take on Density! 

So for your toddler this will look like a guessing game. Gather different food items around the house and have them guess which ones will sink and which ones will float! 

We have listed our fave items below. 

Sink or Float?!


  • Plastic or glass clear containers
  • Water


  • Any food you want!
  • We used: clementines, popcorn kernel, nuts, and grapes


Wash hands

20+ seconds. 

It’s just good practice. 


Set the Stage.

Fill several clear containers with water! 

Pick a variety of food items to try. 

We like:

  • dried beans vs cooked beans
  • dried pasta vs cooked pasta
  • clementines: with and without peel
  • popcorn vs popcorn kernel
  • nuts 
  • strawberries
3 glasses of water with a clementine orange, a peel and the peeled orange

Drop them in and compare!

Explain to your kids that objects that are denser than water will sink. Those that are less dense will float. 

Will they understand? Probably not, but they will start to get the concept that some items float and some sink!

Zayn with 3 glasses of water and food that is floating or sinking