What you need to NEED TO FEED

Do you have the appropriate gear and tools to feed, cook and have fun with food?! Here is our list of must haves. Our network of registered dietitians, moms, and pediatricians put these to the test. We only share our favorites!

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Toddler Safe Knives

These plastic knives are perfect to get your little one chopping or dicing up a storm!

Learning Tower

Pull your kid up to the action to supervise, cook, or even eat.


It stays put so you can focus on other things. Like feeding.

Kitchen Apron

Look good, cook good. This come in a 2 pack and go through the wash real nice.

Cutting Boards

Add some color to your cooking! These mats are bold and bright. Perfect for fun.

Mixing Spoons

Mixing time! This 6 pack makes it easy to share with siblings and mom.

Toddler Safe Puppy Knife

It really doesn’t get more cute than this.

Food Cutters

All food tastes better when it’s shaped like a star. No?

Measuring Cups

Fractions are easier to grasp when you can play with them!

Under the Chair Mat

This mat cleans up real good. You’ll wonder how you ever got through meals without it.


Nothing beats this. Make ice cream, soup, smoothies, and more!

Instant Pot

Talk about a time saver! Make great meals for your family with very little prep time.