Tips to Stay Real, Eat Well and Be Happy
Coach Cynthia Miranda

Today on the blog Coach Cynthia takes over! She gets real with expectations vs. reality. Check out her tips for staying doable, eating well and being happy. Let’s go!


Be good to yourself and enjoy food

I really love to take care of myself when it comes to food. I eat foods that I love and make me feel good. I want to live my life! I want to look forward to meals and to enjoy what I eat.


I believe in intuitive eating

Intuitive eating is where you are in tune with your own body and listen to your hunger cues, your cravings, etc. When that happens, you eat! As humans, sometimes we eat because we feel something else, like loneliness or stress. That’s normalIt actually makes life easier. I don’t think about calories and I don’t overcomplicate things. External influences (diet culture, specifically) can get in the way of our intuition when it comes to hunger/fullness. It is also important to eat in a way that is convenient for your lifestyle. For example, I am a home-visiting Early Intervention dietitian. I often have three hour-long visits in a row around lunch time, therefore I usually try to eat something substantial before that, even if I am not truly ‘hungry’, in order to get through that time and not end up hangry!


Kids are intuitive eaters! As a parent, you can help them listen to their own bodies. If your child says she is done, or wants more, honor that! Avoid pressuring them to eat more or feeling the need to restrict.


Eat what you love

I love vegetables and fruits. I know not everyone does. One easy way to eat more vegetables is soup! Soup is actually pretty easy to make and it’s hard to mess up, and is so versatile.


One food I eat a lot of is zucchini. It’s a good vegetable for families who are not used to eating vegetables because it ends up tasting like whatever you cook it with.


Grow your food

Last summer I ate even more vegetables because I grew them! It was my first vegetable garden. I had kale, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, snap peas, and tons of herbs. It was so rewarding to care for the garden, see everything grow and then eat it!


Let go

As a registered dietitian, I think there are expectations that I have to cook beautiful meals all of the time. I work long hours and making a different recipe each night for dinner is just unrealistic. I used to like doing this, but for a while I actually resented cooking. I created this pressure and it stressed me out. Now, my routine goes something like this: I cook one large meal for my boyfriend and I that lasts about 3 nights – usually a baked dish, soup, chili, or large salad that can be paired with a protein. Then, I have simple meals planned for the other nights of the week, such as simple pasta dishes, personal pizzas (topped with veggies!), or even breakfast for dinner. We also just got an Instant Pot which makes cooking a lot more fun and simple!


My balance? I go out to eat, I cook, I eat take out. I forgive myself. I live.


When I’m not a Foublie coach I do lots of home visits with my patients. That keeps me on the road in areas where there are not a lot of options. I had to learn to let go. I never thought I would eat lunch out every day, but this summer I had to! It was 100 degrees and I couldn’t keep food in the car. Life happens. 


Getting prepared for the week is easier than you think

Each week I do two things that get us through: a bulk meal and a pizza/pasta meal.


Tip 1: Easy pasta or pizza nights

Try stocking up on some things that make easy dinners a breeze. We keep our freezer packed with frozen vegetables, some pizza dough and our pantry always has pasta. Both these dishes are flexible so you can just add stuff that you have. Plus it’s easy to mix up!


Tip 2: Make 1 big meal a week

These bulk meals get us through the busy late nights! Right now as the weather is getting colder I make soup.

Want more support?

Connect with Coach Cynthia through an appointment. She’s here to help you! From talking through how to encourage mindful eating to planning your next pizza night, you are not alone! 

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