Sensory Bag

Frozen Veggie Edition

frozen veggie sensory bag

Have you fallen in love with sensory bins, like we have? There are so many amazing benefits to sensory play. One major bonus, is they are easy to assemble and get your little ones to play independently. 

In this version, we turn the bin into a bag. We were having a stir fry with frozen veggies for dinner so we scooped out some extra. Frozen veggies work best, like peas or others that are small. Feel free to add whatever you want to. The only rule is to seal the bag tight. Remember, don’t overfill the bag with water and keep an eye on your little ones even if they are playing independently.


  • 1 gallon Ziploc bag (or any clear bag that seals tight)
  • 2 cups frozen veggies and ice cubes mixed
  • 3 cups cold water
  • tape


Get the ingredients ready

Get out your ingredients.

Any frozen things will do.


ingredients to make a sensory bin, ziploc bag, water, frozen veggies

Put everything in the bag

Easier said than done! Watch out, this can be tricky. It might help to put the bag in a bowl to keep things from falling over.


put frozen veggies and ice in a ziploc bag
add water to the bag with vegetables

Seal the top real tight

Seal that top real good. We suggest adding tape to the top.

If you are going outside, you might want to tape the bag to a sidewalk or inside a plastic bin.

If you are staying inside, tape all edges to the floor (check that the tape doesn’t hurt your floor).

Kids can play with the veggies in the bag and watch them move around!

Need some prompts on how to make the most of sensory play?

frozen veggie sensory bag

Need a variation?

Throw it in to the freezer. 

Take the frozen solid block out of the bag.

Fill squirt guns or squeezie bottles with hot water so they can hunt for the veggies! Give your kid a mallet too. 

You can even add food coloring to the water to “hide” some of the veggies. 

frozen veggie sensory bag