Advice for New Moms: Tips to Embrace Your Body
By Coach Rachel Kofsky, MA, RD, CSP, CDN

I want you to have a good relationship with food and your body. It’s possible! Here are some tips that I use personally and professionally. You are an amazing person! You are beautiful! You are strong! You’ve got this!

The one thing I want you to do is stop saying: “I ate too much this weekend” 

When I hear a friend or client say “I ate too much this weekend” think about why you’re saying it. Are you stressed because you indulged and didn’t move? I want you to reduce the pressure on yourself to be perfect all of the time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all need days where we just enjoy life. Next time try saying “I had a great weekend”.

You can eat well and have treats too

Eat that cupcake! Eat the treats! You can eat anything. To keep me eating balanced, I make sure my meal hits all the major marks (protein, vegetables, starch and fat). A salad without protein or dressing will not keep you nourished. I think 80-20 is a nice way to think about it. 80% of the time eating balanced, 20% of the time – eating liberal. I also give myself permission for treats in a mindful way. Right now we’re into this Greek place near us. 

Fight the guilt by making a plan

Each week I sit down with my schedule so I can see what nights I’m eating out with friends or eating in. Knowing ahead of time what I’m doing also lets me plan time to move, to shop and to know when I might need to have snacks in my purse. I get hangry! (I know you do too).

In NYC there are amazing restaurants and I refuse to miss out! I feel good when I go out. It’s a treat and I can have it. Weeks I have a plan I move, I eat at home and I get out to have fun. I let myself have fun.

If you find yourself feeling bad, try these things:

  • Acknowledge that you made that decision and move on
  • Think about one thing you love about yourself or that you did really well this week
  • Map out your week so you can be proactive and feel in control

Dump the scale

It’s just a number. We know that weight and BMI doesn’t tell us very much. You are not defined by any number.

Be kind to yourself

Love your body. Guess what, no one is perfect. Our imperfections make us who we are. One shape does not fit all. What’s one thing about you you love? Be positive about who you are on the inside and out.

Embrace your new mom-bod

In the first year after you’ve given birth there are so many changes! If you’re breastfeeding your boobs are changing. If your healing from natural birth or C-sections your knees to your navel are totally different. Let me tell you something- your precious new baby doesn’t care. You’re just mom. 

Your baby sees you and how you treat yourself

Just like what we say setting examples by what we eat, the same goes with self-care. Your child will pick up on what you do and don’t say about yourself. Kids notice everything! If you need help with moving, eating, feeling happy reach out to a friend or your doctor. I’d love to work with you as a Foublie coach! 

You’ve got this!

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