What you need to know
to prevent and manage picky eating


Why are ALL kids picky eaters?

Was your child a good eater and suddenly became picky? Learn the reasons that children can be picky eaters.

How much should my kid eat?

Are you wondering if your kid is eating too much or too little? Here’s your portions overview.

When is picky eating a problem?

Is your child’s food avoidance getting in the way of other activities? Learn when you need help.

Is food throwing a sign of picky eating?

Is your baby or toddler throwing food and you don’t know what to do? Let’s go.

How should I arrange the plate?

One way to manage picky eating is to change how you serve your kid’s food.

Should I HIDE veggies?

Are you concerned that your child isn’t getting many (or any) veggies in their diet? Read on.

Can a schedule help my picky kid?

Are you looking for an approach to picky eating that actually works? Routines are where it’s at.

How can I help my kid eat better?

Does a stress-free mealtime seem impossible with your toddler? Own your role.

How do I get my toddler to eat?

Keep calm and use some of our strategies to create a happy eater.

How can I get my kid to eat more veggies?

Read on for fun ways to get your kiddo eating more veggies.  

Does my kid need a supplement or vitamin?

My kid is picky. Do I need a vitamin or a supplement? What do the experts suggest?

What is food chaining?

This is a technique that health care providers use to help picky eaters try new foods.

How do I involve my kid in cooking?

Getting kids cooking in the kitchen is a proven picky eating strategy.

Where can I get more help?

You are never alone. Connect with a nutrition expert to troubleshoot your situation.

What is failure to thrive?

What do these 3 words really mean? Plus how to handle it if your kid is underweight.

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