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Pregnancy Nutrition Services

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Pregnancy Nutrition Consult

This is the full service treatment, developed by Foublie Coaches who are lactation consultants, Registered Dietitians and moms. Your coach will tailor the appointment to your specific needs.

Our coaches are here to help you troubleshoot and most importantly to be confident when you feed your little one.

Ready to get to it? Let’s do this! You tell us what you need and we do the matching for you. 

  • One 30 minute appointment
  • $45
  • Foublie picks the expert for you
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Morning Sickness and Nausea Help

Are you in the early days of pregnancy and need some help with the nausea? Coach Jill is here to guide you through morning (or anytime) sickness. Together you will make a food-based plan to feel better.

  • 30 minutes
  • $55
  • Coach Jill is your expert
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Tips for Gestational Diabetes, Nausea or Reflux

No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, Ilona is here to help! Not only has she had experience working with pregnant women on an inpatient antepartum unit in a major teaching hospital, but she’s been there herself, as a twin mom who suffered through morning sickness, bad reflux, and gestational diabetes.

In this appointment, Coach Ilona will review your current diet, make suggestions for changes, and help you figure out next steps.

  • 30 mins
  • $50
  • Coach Ilona is your expert
Pregnant woman holding her belly

The Pregnancy Nutrition Support Bundle

Are you looking for a a dietitian to be by your side from conception to delivery? This highly individualized package is for you!

It includes a 1 hour comprehensive prenatal nutrition assessment, prenatal nutrition handbook, and three 30 minute follow-up appointments during different stages of your pregnancy. In addition, Coach Julie is available between appointments for nutrition related questions.

Additional postpartum nutrition and lactation support appointments are available as an add-on.

  • One 60 minute assessment
  • Prenatal nutrition handbook
  • 3 30 minute follow ups
  • Email support
  • $500
  • Coach Julie is your expert
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Prenatal Nutrition Appointment

Curious about prenatal nutrition? Learn what to eat, how to combat cravings and more! Coach Theresa is here to answer all your questions!

  • One 30 minute appointment
  • $55
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Nutrition through the Trimesters

Have you ever heard “now that you are pregnant, you have to eat for two?” Not true! If you want to learn about how to feed your body during your pregnancy this appointment is for you.

Trimester 1: In this first appointment, Coach Leonila will: learn about your current eating habits, share nutrition recommendations and together you will develop a plan.

Trimester 2: During the second appointment you will check in on the plan and make tweaks for the second trimester based on baby’s new needs.

Trimester 3: In this final appointment you will update the plan for this last phase of pregnancy and get ready for the ‘fourth trimester’. There is plenty of time for questions big and small in each meeting!

  • Three 30 minute appointments
  • $150
  • Coach Leonila is your expert

What's Foublie?

Foublie is the virtual nutrition clinic for moms and children. 

Everything you see here is mom-tested and pediatrician approved. Connect with one of our amazing registered dietitians to get the personalized support you need.


Foublie coaches are licensed registered dietitians, some with additional lactation consulting credentials. Foublie provides flexible work, so many coaches have full time employment with pediatric nutrition hospitals, clinics or are full time caregivers. They know what’s up both personally and professionally.

Foublie coaches have been handpicked and trained by Foublie to provide excellent service to you. 

We do not take insurance. We can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company. If you receive out of network benefits, you could be reimbursed. No guarentee! Sorry about that.

Select the type of appointment you’re looking to make. After you pay for the service, your receipt will include a special link to book the appointment.

Email [email protected] if you need any help. We’re here for it!

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