Ready to learn how and what to feed your little one from a pediatrician?

Feeding kids, some days it's easier than others!

This course is made for all families with kids 1+ of age. All kids have a little bit of picky in them (adults too!). Take this class if…

  • You need picky eating help
  • You want your kid to eat more veggies
  • You’re in a mealtime rut or your kid just eats bread
  • You dread mealtime or your kid hardly eats
  • You want to PREVENT picky eating down the road
  • Your kid is a toddler – 10 years old

Ready to bring on more easy and happy mealtimes for parents and little ones?


  • Lifetime access to over 30 short and sweet videos led by Dr. Maria and our registered dietitian Foublie Coaches
  • 10+ downloadable checklists and tools to use at home
  • Notes with key takeaways. We take the notes so you don’t have to
  • Access to Foublie Coaches to personalize your experience
  • Watch all at once or here and there
  • All our picky eating help modules are evidence-based and mom-tested

Ready for your family to learn to love all foods, even veggies?

At Foublie, we believe all kids can learn to love all foods. Our approach is evidence-based and mom-tested. Ready to take on a picky eater? We’re here to help. Read more about why we started Foublie or just get right to the class. Are you ready for picky eating help? You’ve got this!