How to pick the right high chair & why that matters

Did you know that how a child sits at the table can affect how well they eat?

Not only is it safer for them to be fully supported in a chair, it lets them learn how to eat better! This matters even through toddlerhood! Turns out, not all chairs are the same, and if you want your kid to have the best shot at eating it does make a difference what you feed them in. 


What to look for:

  1. Enough support on the sides, you want them to feel secure and not fall sideways. 
  1. A way for them to place their feet flat on a surface as they eat. This is the big one that a lot of chairs don’t do. In some chairs, kids sit up high and dangle their feet. As fun as it is to try and learn how to eat while also balancing your core, it’s hard work!
  1. Ideally a chair with a movable foot rest or enough space to hack it, where you can make sure your kids knees are at a 90 degree angle.



Now that your baby is in the seat, how should it look?

  1. They should have enough support around their hips. You can use a towel if your baby is still not sitting fully unsupported and the chair doesn’t hug the hips. Ideally, they should be able to lean a bit forward in the chair and not slouch back. 
  2. Secure baby with the safety straps 
  3. Feet flat on footrest. If you can move the footrest, great! If not, attach a box to the footrest and use it to prop your kids feet on it. 
  4. Tray or table should be right below your baby’s breastbone. Sitting too low? Use a towel or something else to prop them up. This way they can reach and grab food on their tray or table easily!
  5. Some experts recommend taking anti slip mats and putting them on your babies seat and footrest. This keeps them in one place and helps stabilize them for eating!


Here are some high chairs we like because they have movable foot rests:

Here are some high chairs we do not recommend:

Why? No foot rest. Unless you hack a foot rest like this mama!

Not enough back support! Baby’s feet also not at 45 degrees. Ok to use occasionally, but not ideal for daily use.

Why? No foot rest and poor back support. OK for traveling or once in a while, but not ideal for daily use. 

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