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  • Licensed Pediatric Registered Dietitians and Lactation Consultants
  • We specialize in food allergies, child nutrition, pregnancy, lactation and more
  • Handpicked and trained by Foublie
  • Talk to a coach to get help that fits your situation
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Make an Appointment with a Pediatric Nutritionist

Looking for a pediatric nutritionist? Start with Foublie. Our network of pediatric nutritionists are ready to help you. Our appointments are specific, so choose the type that fits your needs. Explore the topics you’re interested in to meet our expert  coaches and see what they offer. 

Or, if you just want to get right to it, we’ll do the matching for you! Click the book now button below. You’ll pay $45 for a 30 minute appointment. The receipt will include booking details.

Need insurance coverage? While we do not take insurance, we can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company if you receive out of network benefits. 
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Picky Eating

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Check out our appointment offerings for helping families with selective eaters. 

baby in high chair with first foods

First Foods

From baby led weaning to starting solids the traditional route, check out our experts ready to help you get started.

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Formula Support

Need help transitioning to formula or picking the right one? We’ve got you. Check out these offerings. 

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Breastfeeding + Lactation

Connect with a lactation consultant! We’re the best troubleshooters on the web!

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Pregnancy Nutrition

From dealing with nausea to figuring out what you should and should not eat find the support you need.

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Weight Management

Want support to take on under or over weight? We’ve got a pediatric nutritonist to help you make a plan.

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Nutrition for Teenage Athletes

Teenager and athlete? Get support on how best to fuel your little (big?) one’s growing body.

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Food Allergies + Restriction Diets

Our experts have the right mix of personal and professional experience. Connect with a RD who’s been there.

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At-home Tube Feedings

Our pediatric nutritionist experts are here to help children with complex feeding needs. We partner with you.

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Need to talk through some ways to get that little digestive system back to normal? We’ve got a pediatric nutritionist for that!

Meal Planning + Cooking

Need help building confidence in the kitchen? We’ve got the support to help from planning to eating. Let’s go!

Pediatric Nutritionist Consult

Need general nutrition and food help? We’re here for it. Let us know how we can help you feed your family.

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Why work with a Pediatric Nutritionist?

Nutrition from early childhood to tween to full on teenager is a very special time! Actions you take from choices about what little ones eat and how you feed them set the foundation for the future.

There is so much out there about nutrition. Do you ever wonder if what you’re reading on Facebook groups is scientifically sound? What credibility do other moms have when they share what worked for them? Our pediatric nutritionist coaches are all registered dietitians and some additionally have lactation credentials. They are the top experts in nutrition! Our amazing coaches provide the right mix of science and mom-sense to help you feed your family (and self) with confidence. Let’s do this!