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Meet (some) Coaches!

Coach Annika, RDN CD

Annika wants to help you set up healthy habits. She’s the best cheerleader to help you understand food labels, make healthy food taste good, build a food budget and prep food in a way that fits your life. She loves rice and beans, her house plants and playing with her very fluffy dog.


Jill was once a high school cheerleader which makes her the coach who can pump you up and help you build confidence. Work with her to take on what to eat when pregnant and breastfeeding, starting solids and picky eaters. Her go-to foods are pineapple and chocolate. Coach Jillian is also a lactation consultant.

Coach Leonila, RD MBA

Leonila is a (toddler) boymom with a librarian coaching style. She loves exploring nature with her family or getting in some ‘me time’ biking, swimming, or running. She’s an expert in baby-led weaning and working with selective eaters. She’d love to help you take on meal planning without breaking your budget.

Coach Kari, MS RDN

Kari is an innovator. She’s your go-to for help with food allergies and intolerances and weight management. She has real life experience with her own kids, including one with special needs. She’s a nutrition pro bot at work and at home.

Coach Cynthia, RD LDN

Cynthia has a pretty awesome cheerleader coaching style that has a hint of tough love. She wants to help your fam build habits around mealtimes. This includes helping little ones eat mindfully. She loves tacos, local coffee shops, hiking and brings a book everywhere she goes.

Coach Andie, M.Ed RDN LDN CLC CSCS

Coach Andie is ready to tap her expertise as a lactation consultant, personal trainer and yoga teacher to help you with breastfeeding,what mom should eat and family foods. Want to incorporate mindfulness or exercise into your weekly goals? She’s here for you!

Coach Theresa, MA RD LDN CDE IBCLC

Let’s do this! Theresa will use her cheerleader-style to support you with breastfeeding, eating while pregnant, managing gestational diabetes and introducing solids. She’s got 3 little ones under 6 and is building her own tiki bar. Theresa misses her pre-celiac days when she could eat pizza. Theresa is also a lactation consultant.

Coach Emily, MS RD IBCLC CSP

Emily is an all start dietitian and lactation consultant with an innovator style. She wants to be your sidekick in navigating the confusing world of child feeding and breastfeeding (pumping and formula feeding included). She has a 3 year-old spitfire and 2 fur-legged fur babies. 

Coach Julie, MPH RD LDN CLC

Julie is your go-to if you are looking for a dietitian mom who has been there before. She has a 4y/o and a 1 y/o so she knows what’s up. She loves yoga, cooking and can’t wait to help you with food allergies, breastfeeding. Julie is also a lactation consultant.

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How to Make an Appointment

Step 1: Download the Foublie App

To check our appointments and browse our lineup of awesome coaches you need to download the Foublie App. It’s easy! Let’s do this. 

From your phone… click the button below. You will be redirected to either the App store or Google Play based on what kind of phone or tablet you have. 

All appointments are done on the App because it is HIPAA compliant and the best way we can communicate with you.

Step 2: Choose to Make an Appointment in the App

Alright! Step 2, here we go. Go to the second option, “I just need to make an appointment with an expert”. 

Click “Sounds like me” and we are on our way to the next step.

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Next up, let’s create an account! If you have never used the Foublie App before you need to do this step. 

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Step 4: Hit that Book an Appointment Button and Pick a Coach

Navigate to the Appointment tab and click the book an appointment button. 

Now for the fun stuff. Who do you want to make your appointment with? 


Our coaches fit into 4 styles: cheerleader, innovator, librarian and tough-love. You can change your coach at any time.

When ready to move forward click choose my coach.

Step 5: Select When You Want Your Appointment and It's GO Time!

Pick a range of when you want to talk to your coach and click request an appointment.

Your coach has been notified and will get back to you with a proposed day and time. You can still change it! 

You will not be charged until after your coach confirms the appointment.

When its showtime, go to the Appointment tab and you’ll see a JOIN THE ROOM button. You’re coach will be ready for you. Hop on to Wi-Fi for better quality.

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