Our Favorite Tools for Cooking with Toddlers


We are huge advocates for cooking with your kids. Yes it is messy, yes it may add time to the cooking process, but the benefits are huge. We think it can be done with kids as young as 1! Cooking with kids can help them be exposed to new ingredients, try more foods, and feel in control of their food. Foublie has started doing cooking classes with babies and toddlers, so feel free to reach out to ask if we are in your neighborhood yet! Also, read our tips on cooking with kids of different ages. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

That said, check out our favorite tools for cooking with toddlers:

Toddler Safe Knives

Learning Tower or Kitchen Helper

Toddler Aprons 

Cutting Boards

Mixing Spoons

Mixing Bowls

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