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Ready for our experts to tell you what’s up in video form? We cover everything from the evidence of baby food to cooking with toddler techniques. 

Dr. Maria Rivera takes on the headlines and unpacks the science and implications of heavy metals and baby food.

Is baby led weaning a fad or here to stay? Dr. Maria looks at the evidence about how to feed your baby, when to get started and what foods to start with.

What’s up with early introduction? Where does the recommendation come from and how can you pull it off? Dr. Maria explains…

Coach Theresa and her little ones share their zucchini breadstick recipe.

Coach Jillian take on an easy, yummy recipe for brussels sprouts. The trick is in the technique.

When introducing veggies, you don’t actually have to eat it. Coach Rachel leads the way in this fun adventure.

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We also have some paid classes if that’s your jam. Ready to go deep with us? These also have handouts, checklists, and multiple lessons.

From full blown picky eating to I just want my kid to eat more veggies this class takes on HOW you feed your kid. Strategies result in happy, confident little eaters.

Join us to explore vegetables! Perfect for little ones 2-4. Each week we take on a new veggie with outdoor and indoor activities where we will play, cook, learn, and grow.