What you need to know

a new food allergy

for your LITTLE ONE

New food allergy? You’re not alone. One in 13 kids have a food allergy. Yet, we have heard from so many parents how overwhelming a new food allergy diagnosis can be. We want you to start here. These articles were put together to keep it simple, and the contents are always evidence based and mom-tested.

You can do this! You are not alone. We’re here if you want to talk!

Where do I even start with a new food allergy?

New food allergy 101. Start here for what you must know right away.

Need a checklist?

Check out this list to get organized.

What are Foublie’s favorite resources?

There are some cool groups ready to help you!

How do I read a food label?

What must be on a label required by law may surprise you. 

What ingredients should I watch for?

We need to give you the details at more of a ingredient level. 

How can I remember to check labels?

A new food allergy means label reading. Here’s how to build a new habit. 

How do I clean my pantry?

You’ve got to do a bit of cleaning to get started. 

What are my new pantry staples?

This is a good time to get your staples organized. 

What food swaps do I need in my life?

There are new options for you! A new food allergy does not mean no more tasty food!

What is cross contact?

What you need to know to keep safe.

How do we eat out?

Here’s our tips to plan ahead when you go out.

How do I prep other caregivers?

Grandparents and baby sitters, we’ve got you.

How do I tell school about a new food allergy?

You are not alone in sending a little one to school with a food allergy. You’ve got this.

What about parties?

It’s all about communication. Start with our checklist.

Can we go camping?

You sure can! Here’s tips to do it safely with the whole family.

What do we eat to stay healthy?

What the heck is a balanced diet, anyway?

How do I deal with bullies?

Bullies are everywhere. Here’s how to deal with mom bullies and kid bullies.

How do I involve my kid?

Eventually your little one will manage this on his own. Here’s how you keep that age appropriate.

What are tips from a pro and food allergy mom?

Coach Teresa shares some tips as a mom managing two kids with multiple food allergies.

Where can I get more help?

Sometimes you need some extra support with a new food allergy and we’re here for it.

What can a nutrition expert do for me?

Having a partner guide you threw the substitutions is proven to help. Read why.