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Nutrition is my day job, but it’s my own life too. We all want to eat well, but most of the time we just eat and don’t think much about what we put in our bodies. Everyone wants things to be easier and to feel good! This comes up with my friends and family all of the time. Can we be mindful of what we eat and keep it easy? I’ve got some great tips for you!

Use your freezer to reduce spoilage

Eating fresh can be hard. You have to plan and be careful so it doesn’t spoil. I love frozen fruits and veggies. On the spoilage front, you can take out what you need and keep the rest frozen.

Coach Laura in her kitchen. Check out her recipes on Instagram @busygalnutrition and @foublie

Use your freezer because it’s easy

Frozen foods pass the easy test! Take frozen fruits and veg for example: the cherries have no pits and the veggies are chopped! I also love to keep some frozen containers of ground turkey or chicken in there. 

My favorite freezer to table meal is this one: 

  1. Defrost ground turkey with warm water 
  2. Put in a pan with a splash of peanut oil
  3. Add frozen veggies like edamame or broccoli and cook about 10 minutes or until the meat is cooked through.
  4. Make a pot of rice (there are microwave options that are real easy!)
  5. Serve with some soy sauce and sriracha. 

When you grab the frozen foods, watch the labels 

I try to find the frozen veggies that do not have added salt, seasoning or butter. I prefer to control this when I heat it up in the pan to make it my own! You can add your own seasoning and butter if you want to. 

Make those packaged foods count for two

Look for the double duty foods! Typical carbs like pasta and rice now have added fiber, protein and plant protein. For example, I love chickpea rice and edamame pasta but my favorite are ancient grain waffles. I buy this kind. They are so good because they are made with barley, amaranth, keep you full and they are frozen so they don’t spoil. They are quick to prepare too! Oh, and they taste great! 

Store those leftovers in glass

I try to store my cooked foods in glass containers. There are unknowns about plastic and what that does to our bodies, so I just try to avoid it, even what is BPA free. And the NIH recommends definitely avoiding heating anything up in plastic!

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