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Today Coach Emily takes over the Foublie blog. She’s got a lot of tips and tricks as a mom and a nutrition expert that you might be able to try today! Emily lives in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. She’s a registered dietitian and also a lactation consultant. Emily is a multitasking, go-getter mom and she’s here to empower you. Let’s get to it.

It’s possible to enjoy eating healthy foods!

If food doesn’t taste good in our house we’re not interested. That goes for us adults and for my toddler. We have foods that are our favorites and others that require some spicing up to enjoy. I love spicy and tangy foods while my husband and daughter prefer more mild and sweet flavors. It’s not just about eating more vitamins. That would be easy. It’s about finding ways to make healthy food tasty. It’s like a puzzle for me. How can I get more healthy stuff in while still making the preparation and eating enjoyable. So now that we have that said, let me share some of the tips that are top of mind because I’m feeding a toddler. 

Talk about food 

We talk about food often. We talk about what is on the plate. My little one is 2.5 and we’re working on exposure to new foods and navigating changing preferences. She’s very aware! She’s interested in trying new things on most days. She’s curious at the grocery store. I love to encourage her interest and curiosity.

Ask questions

Even though she is little I do ask her questions. I try to give her choices. Like what kind of fruit do you want, and list out three options. I try to get her to talk about taste and texture. Is it crunchy? Is it squishy? Sour?

How I encourage curiosity of new foods

What I do is we put every kind of food on her plate that we are having at meal time. She also has an empty bowl on the side that she can put the foods she doesn’t want to eat. For example, she’s not eating anything green this week so she’ll put that in her “dont want” bowl. But she watches us eat it and it’s still there. I don’t press her to try it and this is important. We ask if she wants to lick it or taste it and show her that it’s on our plates too. She is in charge of what she eats. The next time I’ll cook it a different way and one day she’ll try it. It’s all about variety.

Sneak new foods in at lunch

I find that my little one is more likely to try something without me. I try not to take this personal! Try to send the new food in the packed lunch. 

Chocolate is ok (for all of us)

When my kid asks for chocolate that’s fine. If it’s at breakfast that’s fine too. What I do say is you get this one piece today. You can eat it all now. You can wait for later. Or you can have half now and half later. I try to get her involved in the choice. We don’t label any foods good or bad for you. 

It’s about real life

Honestly, we don’t ban sugary stuff. I have a sweet tooth and eat chocolate once a day. I don’t feel guilty about it and I don’t want my daughter to either, ever. We keep sweets out of sight. My daughter loves lollipops. If I decide to offer one, I often give it alongside a meal. She has a lick and then she eats normal food. If i’m enjoying some chocolate and she asks for some, I give her a bite. No biggie! When we treat sweets like a normal part of our diet, they lose a lot of power!

Real life recipe? It doesn’t get easier than this one:

I buy a pack of organic skinless chicken thighs and put in the crockpot with a jar of green salsa. Cook it on low for 8 hours. We eat that with steamed rice and veggies. Dinner is done.


Want more? 

Want Emily to be your Foublie Coach? She’s really awesome with breastfeeding, going back to work, starting solids, toddler feeding and so much more. Learn more about Emily’s signature services.

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