Meet Coach Annika

I love cooking, and I love food! Food helps us stay healthy, live better, feel good and it can even prevent disease. This is why I’m a Registered Dietitian! I have the best job because I get to do what I love. It’s always been about food. 

I want to share some concerns I hear often. There are a lot of reasons why people think healthy foods or cooking is not for their family: Taste, $, Skill and Time. Let’s take each one on!

“Healthy food tastes gross”

Healthy food is not just plain lettuce or “rabbit food”. Many people think that healthy means it is bland or tastes bad. No way! Healthy foods are delicious when prepared well! Beans, chicken, and lentils are all non-veggie foods that are healthy that taste amazing. My trick here if you don’t know how to prepare them is to follow a recipe.

“Cooking healthy food is hard/I don’t know how to cook”

My favorite thing to do is experiment with recipes to make them easier. Recipes do not have to be complicated, and let me tell you a secret – I’m actually not a good cook! When I bring food to my friends and family and hear “I’d never make this, it’s so much work” I just smile. I only make dishes that are easy and simple! I love walking people through it so they can realize how simple it was. Anyone can cook. I’ve got tips to save time, build skills, and keep it cheap. 

“I don’t have the time”

Finding time is always hard! But… you don’t have to put in lots of time every day. There’s a hack for that! Planning ahead and meal planning is the biggest one. To make it even easier, one timesaving hack I love is to focus on cuisines. Pick one or two for the week, like Mexican food. If you make chicken + salsa in the crockpot on Monday, you can have tacos, nachos, and soup all from that chicken. Think of leftovers as a strategy to make new and interesting meals. Cook once, eat two/three/four times!

“Healthy food is expensive” 

Not true! It’s very easy to keep costs down. I never buy exotic ingredients, which keeps my shopping bill low. Produce, beans, and other “health” foods are usually cheaper than meats or convenience foods. My favorite trick here is back to the cuisine. The same ingredients are used over and over in different types of food. Let’s stick with Mexican food. Once you buy your base spices like cumin, oregano, chile powder, and garlic powder, you’re good to go for a long time. Or if that’s still too much, but a bulk container of low-sodium taco seasoning! If you made salsa chicken in your crockpot last week with these ingredients, next week you can have beans be the base instead of chicken. It’s nice to have familiar foods that are just different enough to keep things interesting. 

So what’s next?

Did you think, ‘yah, that sounds right’ to any of these reasons for not cooking? Well, then let’s work together! As your Foublie coach I can help you make small changes to take your cooking to the next level without sucking up your time and your budget. It’s gotta be easy and fit your life, or you won’t do it. Let’s make dinner! Let’s make good food that your whole family will eat.

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