Baby Food List and Family Diet Table

So many people want some guidance on what to feed their family. I get it! It’s hard to figure out how to translate all the macro and micro-nutrients into real food. 

I use this baby food list to make sure my family gets the nutrients in their diet recommended by the AAP. It has my family’s favorite foods, so it is not an exhaustive list of plant-based and animal-based foods in each nutrient category. When I plan our weekly meals, I include one food from each row at least one time per week.

Bonus, this baby food list is also really good for pregnant women, too! 


Dr. Maria’s Checklist


 Plant Based Animal Based
Proteinsoybeans, edamame, kidney, pinto, lima beans, tofuany meat
Zincfortified cereal, chickpeas, cashewscooked oysters, crab, beef
Ironfortified cereals, white beans, lentils, spinach, tofuliver, beef, cooked oysters
Cholinesoybeans, kidney beans, shiitake mushroomsliver, egg, beef, chicken
Folatespinach, black eyed peas, fortified cereal, rice, asparagus, brussels sproutsbest sources of folate for children are plant based
Iodineseaweed, prunes, lima beanscod, plain yogurt, milk*
Vitamin Asweet potato, spinach, carrots, cantaloupe, red peppers 
Vitamin D cod, salmon, milk*, yogurt
Vitamin B6chickpeas, fortified cereals, bananastuna, salmon, chicken
Vitamin B12fortified cerealbeef liver, cooked clams, trout, salmon
Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (fancy for omega-3 and omega-6)chia seeds, walnuts, flax seeds, edamamesalmon, herring, sardines, mackerel

* If the child is over 12 months.


Need some more help?

Foublie coaches are here to help you unpack what this baby food list means and how to make it actually happen. We handpicked the best registered dietitians in the US who actually can breakdown nutrition in a way we all can understand! For questions big and small, we’re here to help. You’re not alone.