Parenting As a Nutrition Expert: Tips for Every Family
Coach Leslie Stiles, MS RD CSP LDN

Melissa (Foublie’s CEO) sat down with Coach Leslie to talk about their favorite things: food, family and nutrition. When you are an expert on food- something we all have in our lives every single day- what does that mean at home?! Enjoy their conversation. 

Nutrition is my life! 

Having kids has definitely changed my answer to that question. Before my firstborn, I was a pediatric nutritionist. Now I know what’s realistic and practical. Each family has a different situation. We all have our own schedules, routines, and food preferences. I think now I appreciate how important it is to find ways that nutrition fits your lifestyle. 

The practicality of managing a family has changed my approach to nutrition 

Nutrition is so important to me! I want to feed my kids well. But wow- real life. You need to balance expectations. I don’t strive for perfection.  

We lead by example

We don’t really talk about nutrition. They are at an age where it doesn’t matter yet, they don’t think that way. If I enjoy all foods for myself, that shines through to them. They learn to love all foods too.

Know your role as a parent

Ellen Satter talks about Division of Responsibility, and I think about that a lot. You can’t make your kids eat. You can’t force them to eat. You can’t teach them that way to enjoy food. Your role is just to give the options. You are in control of the foods offered to them. If you know the best options are on the table, rest assured. That is there for them and you’re job is done. 

Even more powerful? This approach, starting from first foods, can prevent weight issues and other picky eating issues down the road. It allows you, as a parent, to relax too.

My secret? 

You do the best you can by serving the food you want them to eat. That’s it. That’s my secret. But since I have your attention, here are some other practical tips I try to follow at home/ fun things to share!

  • Serve a fruit or vegetable with every meal.
  • Serve a protein and a grain too.
  • Don’t stress if your kid only chooses fruit not vegetables. They have the same nutrients and fiber is good so just go with it.
  • I keep olives in the fridge for added veggies. You don’t need to make it hard.
  • We just watched Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat with Chef Samin Nosrat on Netflix. It was so good!


Want more?

Make an appointment with Leslie and learn more tips and tricks or follow her on Instagram to see the day in the life of a registered dietitian and mom! You’ve got this. 

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