learning to eat

Our essential package, Learning to Eat, is for every family that wants to set the foundation for their child to be a happy eater and a healthy kid. 

Ready for baby food? Are you sure? This program focuses on birth through age 3. Get prepared for breastfeeding, starting solids, food allergen introduction and balancing milk and food and so much more.

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Month 1. Let’s do this, liquid style. Breastfeeding and formula feeding mamas & families welcome here.

bundle 2: month 2

Let’s get you prepared to go back out in the world.

What is colic? (Coming Soon)

What’s the deal with bottles and different levels of nipples? (Coming Soon)

What you need to know about a milk protein allergy or intolerance. (Coming Soon)

Grunting, Pushing, Straining. Is milk making my baby constipated? (Coming Soon)

What is a growth chart and how do I read it?

What can I eat to boost my milk supply? (App Only)

Can your baby taste flavor in breastmilk?

bundle 3: MONTH 3

You’re baby isn’t ready for food yet, but you can start getting prepared. 

How can I tell if my baby is getting enough milk?

How to introduce a bottle

Help your kid practice skills needed to eat (playtime!) (Coming Soon)

Learn about acid reflux (Coming Soon)

bundle 4: Month 4

It’s almost time for food, but not yet! Let’s get your baby prepared for food.

What are readiness cues for solids?

What do the experts say about WHEN to introduce solids? (App Only)

Is your baby at risk for food allergies? (App Only)

How to pick the right high chair and why that matters

Baby vegan or vegetarian? What you need to know.

bundle 5: MONTH 5

Let’s get you ready for feeding!

What you need to feed: a checklist (Coming Soon)

Baby Led Weaning: What does the evidence say?

Eating and the Senses

Should I make or buy baby food? (App Only)

Is organic baby food a must?

Is there arsenic in rice cereal? (Coming Soon)

Baby CPR and the Heimlich maneuver

Solid foods and baby poo (Coming Soon)

bundle 6: 6 months

Ready, Set, Feed! Everyone is ready! Let’s do this thing.

Unpack the evidence behind the best first foods (App Only)

What’s a sample weekly menu for my new foodie? (App Only)

Unpack the evidence behind the rule to wait 3-5 days between new foods

6 Month Feeding Schedule: An Example (App Only)

How can you tell when your baby is hungry or full? Knowing when to feed

Learn why you should introduce peanuts and other allergens early (App Only)

How to introduce the top 8 food allergens to your baby

Choking Hazards: Your List of No-Go Foods

bundle 7: Food fun! months 7-8

You’ve got a real food explorer now!

Microbiome, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Dirt

Is there a relationship between sleep and food? (Coming Soon)

How you feed your child matters as much as WHAT you feed your child (App Only)

Spices, Textures, Flavors: Take Advantage of the “Palate Opportunity” (App Only)

What’s Up With Schedules? Food + Breastfeeding + Formula + … (App Only)

Self feeding: Why it’s important and how to start

bundle 8: MONTHS 9-10

Everyone is having fun!

How to read hunger and fullness cues (App Only)

The real deal with juice

Setting a schedule as you introduce finger foods (App Only)

Spices, Textures, Flavors: Keep Introducing Before It’s Too Late (App Only)

bundle 9: MONTHS 11-12

Everyone is having fun!

Does my child need cow’s milk? (App Only)
Your role in feeding your kid (App Only)

Confidently feed your family