How to Prepare Infant Formula

Choose the formula that is best for you! You can speak with your pediatrician or check out the Foublie article on choosing a formula to help get you started. Formula comes in ready-to-feed, powder, or liquid concentrate. Ready-to-feed and liquid are self-explanatory. Let’s take a look at the powdered kind.

For Powdered Infant Formula

  1. Always start by thoroughly washing your hands.
  2. Check the can for the specific recipe. A standard recipe is 2 ounces of water mixed with 1 unpacked, level scoop of formula, but there are some variations.
  3. Measure your water pour desired amount into the baby bottle.
  4. Add powdered formula to the bottle – use a level scoop and don’t pack it down.
  5. Attach the cap to the bottle and shake!
  6. Now you are ready to feed your baby or store the mixed formula in the refrigerator. Formula doesn’t need to be warmed up, but if you would like to heat it, run the bottle under warm water instead of microwaving – this prevents overheating or creating hot spots.
  7. Once your baby has started a bottle, do not place any remaining formula back in the refrigerator. Any unused formula should be tossed.

How to Store Formula

  • Once opened, powdered formula should be stored in its original container in a cool dry place. Do not store open powdered formula for more than 30 days.
  • Mixed formula should be either given to your baby immediately, or stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Use any mixed formula within 24 hours.

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