Can't or don't want to nurse?
No big deal! How to pick formula

There are so many things to consider when choosing formula!


The standard term formula will be the cheapest option. All formulas in the US have been regulated by the FDA and are guaranteed to meet basic infant needs. They are all fortified with vitamins and minerals to help your baby grow. Keep in mind that these formulas may not be appropriate for preterm infants or infants with allergies, so talk to your Foublie coach and doctor in special circumstances.

Protein Source

The main source of protein in infant formulas in the US is cow’s milk (either intact or broken down). Milk protein is made up of casein and whey and most formulas have a blend of both (Gerber products tend to use 100% whey protein). For vegan families, soy is also available. Please note that for infants with cow’s milk protein allergy, a soy formula is not recommended. There are formulas available in Europe that use goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk, however these formulas are not regulated by the FDA and there have been reports of adverse effects with these formulas.

Organic or Non-GMO

Current research does not show a nutritional benefit or disease prevention in organic versus non-organic products. Similarly, formulas containing genetically modified organisms appear to have no increased risk. Due to increased demand for organic and non-GMO products, many formula companies have created these products. 

Specialty Formulas

For infants with cow’s milk protein allergy, there are extensively hydrolyzed and amino-acid based formulas available. Please work with your allergist and Foublie coach to determine which of these products may work best for your baby. For infants with reflux, there are formulas available that thicken in the stomach. These formulas maintain appropriate nutrient composition so are recommended over the use of infant cereal as a thickener. It is always recommended to speak with your doctor before starting your baby on a specialty formula.

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