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What do I feed my one year old?

We have some great ideas, and they double as picky eating prevention tips!

What’s the deal with juice?

We’ve all heard it — juice is just as bad as soda. The experts say no juice til one years old.

Does my one year old need cow’s milk?

At one year, your baby can digest cow’s milk. But do they need it? 

How do I pick the right high chair?

You’re little one is growing! Make sure your high chair is helping, not hurting mealtime.

What foods cause choking?

Learn what foods are no go foods and which ones can be modified to be safe.

What do I need to know about constipation?

We’ve got a 3 “F” method, you don’t want to miss.

How long do I breastfeed or formula-feed?

Do you need to feed your one year old breastmilk or formula? When can you stop.

How early should I introduce a sippy cup?

When is it time to transition? Learn about introduction, timing, and tips.

What is a microbiome and how does it affect my kid?

Foublie is here to explain a microbiome, prebiotics, probiotics, and dirt.

How do I introduce peanuts?

Early and often is the recommendation. Here’s what you need to know to feed a one year old.

Ready for some food-based sensory play?

YES! We promise, this is loads more entertaining and educational than it looks!.

How do I feed my one year old and raise an intuitive eater?

How you feed your one year old is more important than what.

How do I read a growth chart?

What do all these curves and percentiles really mean about my baby’s growth?

Why is nutrition so important right now?

The first 1,000 days is where it’s at!

Where can I get more help?

Need some guidance on where to start? We’re here for you.

Do you have a toddler on your hands?

Head on over to our free toddler resources!