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Dr. Maria here. Are you looking for gifts for the foodie families in your life? We have you covered with the best Black Friday buys for food, feeding, and nutrition. We are just sharing the items we love and that we think families in the Foublie fam will love too. Keep these babies in mind for baby showers, holidays, and just cause gifts.

There’s tons of ideas here! Scroll down for ideas for babies, toddlers, food play and every family.

Please note there are affiliate links in this post.

For the babies in your life


The original mat that suctions onto the table so kids can’t flip their plates. It is made of silicone so #BPAfree and comes it tons of cute colors!

Black Friday Sale at Crate & Barrel for 20% off! 

Tummy Time Activity Mat

Babies hate tummy time. Ok not all babies, but a lot of them do. This cute mat is on sale and has been vetted by the youngest critics as a not awful place to spend on their belly.  

Black Friday Sale at Khol’s for 15% off!

Under the Chair Mat

It’s about to get messy. At Foublie we embrace the mess. If there isn’t food on your kids eyebrow, they probably didn’t get enough time to eat it. This leads to a lot of cleanup especially as they realize gravity is a thing and dropping food off their chair is super fun. This mat will make it super easy to clean up. 

Find it at Amazon (affiliate link).

Stokke Chair

I searched and searched but could not find this chair on sale anywhere right now. It is great for babies, easy to clean (don’t get the soft pillows), and provides a foot rest which is very important as kids learn to eat but often neglected. I got ours on Craigslist, so search your neighborhood if you are looking for yourself, or consider gifting this to a new parent if you are feeling generous. 

Find it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Baby Book for a Baby Foodie

No joke, we received three copies of this book at our son’s baby shower. Turns out people think we like food? Regardless its great and I recommend it for the food lovers in your life. 

Find it at Amazon (affiliate link).

Fruit Rattles

These are just adorable and on clearance! Go get em for you, your sister, your friend… stocking stuffers, anyone?

Like 49.9% off at Crate & Barrel!

Beaba Baby Food Maker

Are you making your own baby food? Beaba steams and purees the food in one single place, fewer dishes, happy parent. 

Find it at Buy Buy Baby.

360 Cups

We love these to help kids learn how to suck from a cup and not just have drinks pour into their mouth like traditional sippy cups. 

Find it at Target.


Perfect for both baby led weaning and purees, these help babies embrace self feeding.

Find it at Num Num Baby.

Full on Bib for when things get (REAL) messy

Again- we embrace the mess. This will save you or a friend from doing extra loads of laundry. And, bonus, it comes in so many cute colors! You’re welcome. 

Find it on Amazon (affiliate link)

For toddlers going on teenagers

Feeding Toddlers & Picky Eaters e-Course

This list would not be complete without our latest offering. You asked and we listened. Do you have a picky eater yourself or know one (cough, nephew, cough)? Though it will be released in January for $99, and we are currently taking pre-orders for $65, for just this week you can buy our full course for 50% off. That is just $32.50. 

Set a New Years Resolution for a happier more peaceful meal time. Tell your friends, this offer is unlimited.

Code is BLACKFRIDAY. Buy it here.

Toddler Utensils

With an easy to grab handle, these are perfect for your little ones that want to do it all themselves.

Find it on Amazon (affiliate link)

Toddler Bowls

These bamboo dishes are adorable and come in tons of colors. 

Find it on Amazon (affiliate link).

Small Picnic Table

We have this picnic table in our yard and love it. Sometimes a change of scenery is the only thing you need for a kid to try a new food, and this one is made to also hold adult weight (whether your legs are too long is a different matter).

Find it on Amazon (affiliate link)

Play Kitchen

Hape makes really great wooden toys and this one is no exception. $30 off this weekend! Melissa had a play kitchen growing up, they are the best. And boy, are they a lot better looking than they used to be.

On sale at Crate & Kids

For all the food they throw on the floor

Hey, if you can’t get them to stop throwing food on the floor, you can at least teach them how to clean it up. This set is a winner and 25% off this weekend. 

25% off at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Play Knives

At Foublie we are big fans of getting kids involved in the kitchen. These knives are not only safe, but they actually work to cut things! My toddler loves to cut fruits, lettuce, and soft veggies with these. 

Get it at Amazon (affiliate link)

Learning Tower

This is one of the best things we have ever bought. Yes it’s pricey, but it is very well made and the resale value is great. Your kid can be involved in the kitchen or if you have a wiggly one, they can take their meals standing up. Highly recommend!

On sale at Kohl’s.

For the whole family. Yay for making things easier!

Vitamix Blender

We love love love our Vitamix blender and run it at the fastest speed while our 2 year old yells out “Too Loud!!” But in the end he loves the “ice cream” he gets. Perfect for smoothies and smoothie bowls, get it this weekend while on sale.

Get it while it’s on sale at Amazon (affiliate link).


I love this thing. Our family uses it at least once a week but usually more. It works as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and rice cooker in one. Many also swear by the yogurt making function, but we have not tried that out yet. The link below it for our fave, the 9 in one. Melissa loves the egg maker.

Get it at Amazon (affiliate link)

Skinnytaste One and Done Cookbook 

Easy and healthy meals for the whole family. This is one of my favorite cookbooks for everyday meals. It makes it much easier to get dinner on the table. 

Find it at Target.


Cast Iron Skillet

Iron is one of the essential minerals that our kids don’t get enough of. Did you know cooking in a cast iron pan will actually get a bit of iron into the food? Plus it cooks evenly, does not contain any weird chemicals (here’s looking at you Teflon), and if you use it enough it becomes nonstick. We barely cook with anything else. 

Find it at Target.

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