The Egg! Why is it so great?!

Seriously. An egg broke the internet.

This one in fact:


We think it’s pretty cool to have an egg get all this attention. Know why? We’ve rounded up our favorite 5 facts about eggs everyone should know.

1. A lot of people are allergic to eggs!

Say what?? It is possible and actually very common! Eggs are one of the “top 8”, or most common food allergens. That means by law if an egg is an ingredient in a packaged food it must be labeled. For all those parents out there who are managing an egg allergy, you are a hero. If you are new to this, check out our food allergy basics.

Know a child with an egg allergy? Try some of these awesome egg-free treats next time they come over. Ask any vegan, you can make some pretty amazing baked goods that don’t contain eggs. One of our favorite resources for eliminating eggs from recipes is from Peta. Check out their round up of 24 ways to substitute eggs here.

2.      Eggs pack a powerful nutrition punch

Did you know there are 9 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that your body can’t make that you have to get from food? Eggs have all 9 of these essential amino acids, and this earns the egg the title of a ‘complete protein’. So if you can eat eggs, it’s a nice go-to.  Eggs also help protect your vision and brain, and because of that it’s a great food if you are pregnant, if you can.

3.      Eggs are a great first food

Recent research is showing that introducing peanuts early can help prevent peanut allergies in the future. We think the same goes for other foods like eggs that commonly can cause allergies and one study was really promising. So give it as a first food! It is ok and actually encouraged to introduce it around 6 months when your child can sit supported and is interested in eating.

4.  Wait, I thought eggs have cholesterol and that is bad

That’s actually old news. There was no proof that eggs are bad. Now the American Heart Association recommends one egg a day in healthy adults.

5. Brown eggs are not any healthier than white eggs

The color of the shell does not tell you anything about the nutrition of the egg. The color of the egg shell just depends on the breed of the hen. So pick any color eggshell you want that fit your budget.

6. Bonus! And now an egg holds the world record for having the most likes on Instagram!

Sorry Kylie Jenner. Congratulations, egg!:

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