Food-inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids (and You!)

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Halloween is coming! Have you watched Hocus Pocus yet? (Apparently there is a reboot in the works!

Moving on…Do you need some costume inspiration? Why not look to food! Foublie rounds up our favorite food-inspired costumes. Choose one that fits your personality (or your current mood). Trick or treat!

For the classic mom that has a lot going on: The pumpkin. 

It just doesn’t get cuter than this! Here are some last minute PRIME ideas.

For the mischievous mom: Colonel Sanders + A Chicken

Good news. Colonel Saunders just turned 129 and KFC officially released a Halloween costume (for kids and adults!) in his honor. Read more here to buy or be inspired.

For the chicken. This mom has some serious insights on how to do it on the cheap. Hint: white boas! Genius! Check out the Thrifty Fun mom here. 

For the crafty mom: A pineapple

Wow, this is a good one. You need a glue gun, craft paper, scissors, and a toilet paper roll to make the hat. If you want to make a group costume, how about apple, orange and.. OMG your family could be a fruit basket. 

Check out the details here at StudioDIY

For the serious foodie fam: Julia Child

This one is fun! And is a big honor to the original queen of cooking. You need: button up shirt, skirt, apron, kitchen towel, a whisk or some cooking thing AND pearls! If you want to go all in, try a wig and some flour ‘stains’.

For the last minute mom: A cupcake

You probably have these things at home. Put them to good (and cute) use! Needs: Lampshade, Blanket, Pompoms and done! Here is a pinterest post!

Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

Tag @foublie on Instagram with all your costumes. We can’t wait to see them!

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