G spelled in green beans

G is for Green Beans!

We are finally moving up in the alphabet. Today's activity involves beefing up some preschool skills. Green beans can be a tricky veggie for kids to eat. However, getting them up close and personal and just hands on with them may make them more likely to try them. A lot of recipes call for trimming the ends off of green beans so why not get the kids involved?!

Green Bean Prep


  • Scissor
  • Bowls


  • Green beans


Wash hands

20+ seconds. Happy birthday twice.

Water and soap. Make sure you wash the scissors and the veggies too!


Bring out your ingredients

I like laying everything out even if just a few things!

Have them cut the ends!

They can practice using scissors and ask them questions. For example: 

What sound does it make when you cut them?

If you open them up what is inside?

What does it smell like?


little boy cutting green beans with scissors