Getting Real with Being a Mom and a Nutritionist

Meet Coach Ilona. She’s a nutrition expert, but sometimes that doesn’t make it easier at home. We can’t wait for you to meet her. 

Feeding kids is hard for everyone!

It’s complicated. I was an RD before I was a mom. I thought it would be very different.

I was excited about breastfeeding, but I had twins that ended up having a milk protein allergy, soy allergy, reflux and possible egg allergy. It was challenging from the very beginning.. I also put a lot of pressure on myself to exclusively breastfeed, whereas if I had supplemented with formula a little earlier I would have had a much less stressful time. Eventually they gained weight, their reflux went away and they grew out of their allergies. 

Now my kids are 3. I eat everything, so I thought my kids would be immune to picky eating. I thought because I love all foods and they see me eating everything they would try it all. Not true! My kids are picky. Feeding is hard for me too, even with my nutrition background. 

Trust your gut

When I was breastfeeding, I just knew something was not right. My pediatrician was awesome, but at first just focused on the reflux. My read of the diapers told me something else was going on. I started logging what I was eating. I had gestational diabetes so I was in the habit of not eating carbs but a ton of dairy. String cheese was my go-to snack. When I started to write that down I noticed what I was eating made a difference for my son. 

Feeding kids, you’re not alone!

At home I try not to label foods good or bad. Treats are not rewards for good behavior or taken away for bad behavior. But, I’m not the only one that feeds the kids. My husband, nanny,grandparents, and sometimes friends or extended family are feeding them too. These are foreign concepts for most people.  With my husband it’s easier, we are a team. But it’s hard to politely ask others not to say things like “just one more bite” and “you should try this to grow big and strong”. It’s a work in progress. 

Tacos = the best base to try new foods from

Our family does Taco Mondays! My kids start with the same things: a tortilla shell, some guac and shredded or ground chicken. They can build their own and choose from different bowls on the table. We always have new things to try too, like beans, new veggies and other taco toppings. Sometimes the kids try our stuff, sometimes they spit it out. And that’s OK! We change it up with the right amount of familiarity. 

Other mealtime hacks?  You can hide foods transparently. 

I add spinach to our breakfast smoothies. My kids see me doing it and I tell them I’m adding it. Usually there is a declaration from them that they ‘hate spinach’. But they drink the smoothie. Don’t give up and try new ways to serve the same foods. For example, when my son stopped drinking milk I started to add ricotta to our pancakes. 

Ready for a Foublie Coach? 

Want to work with Ilona? She’s ready for you to take on gestational diabetes, breastfeeding, milk protein allergies, reflux, picky eating and more. Learn more about her signature offerings. 

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