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Foublie’s Online Feed Picky Eaters Class

Do you find yourself dreading mealtime? Wondering how to feed picky eaters? Need a picky eaters class to take on feeding your little one? We want to help you end mealtime battles and get your kids eating out of their comfort zone. It IS possible.
You are an amazing parent, and you are doing great as a mom or a dad in feeding your kids. It really is just that hard.
Our class for picky and fussy eaters is unique. You will be introduced to the Foublie Five method: an evidence-based and practical method to stop food battles or prevent picky eating before it happens. Led by Foublie Founder, Toddler mom, and Pediatrician Dr. Maria Rivera and our team of 35 Registered Dietitians, this course brings together decades of personal and professional experience.
Within each section you will find quick, 5-10 minute, bite-sized lessons that you can watch on the go. You get the whole course at once and you set your own pace.
Need any extra support? We have you covered. You can easily book an appointment with our vetted network of nutrition experts right from home.


What does this feed picky eaters class include?

Through videos, short articles, and downloadable tools, our course uses our unique Foublie Five Method to help you figure out how to feed your picky eater.

Feed Picky Eaters Class Introduction 

Learn about when and why kids become picky eaters. Get to know Foublie, our experts, our methods and expertise. Learn what our feed picky eaters class is all about. We are here to help!


Step 1: Check the Mood during Meals

Is mealtime stressful? Who is the boss during meals? We will tackle these issues and more. We won’t just tell you why these matter, we’ll also give you practical tips on having fun with your kids at the dinner table. Yes, it’s possible!


Step 2: Set a Meal Schedule and Deal with Snacks

“Whoa, what are you going to do with my snacks?” We will help you figure out the right time for and number of snacks for your child. We will discuss how schedules make a difference in kids’ eating and how you can set one for yourself.


Step 3: Optimize your Environment

Did you know the type of chair or high chair your kid sits in can affect how well they eat? Are there phones at the table? Who sits where and when? We will talk you through how you can make the most out of your eating environment.


Step 4: Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Studies have repeatedly shown that you can convince pretty much anyone to like a food if they eat it enough times. But yes, it has to get in their mouth. We will talk through the why, the how, the don’ts, and the practical.

Step 5: Introduce Variety

When it comes to food, the more variety the better. Food ruts are easy to fall into (trust us as working moms!), but they also lead to even fussier eating. We’ll help you introduce a variety of foods even picky eaters will love!

Extra: Plan for Success & More

This bonus section will take you through meal planning hacks, recipes, deciding if a vitamin or supplement is needed, and more. Plus! We recap our big takeaways from our picky eaters class.

How much is it?

The Foublie Picky Eaters Class is available for preorder for just $65. Order today before prices go up and get it delivered to your inbox in late January! Can’t wait? Follow us on Facebook for tips and tricks to get you started.