eating while pregnant

prepping to expect & expecting

Getting ready to grow a baby? Already have a bun in the oven? Let us break down what you need to know to feel strong and fuel some sweet baby development.

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bundle 1: prepping your bod

Some of us are planners. If you are thinking about kids this is a good place to start!

Bundle 2: Tri -shh

Here we go! You’re probs keeping your baby news tight lipped. Feel awful? Have questions about what to eat? We’ve got you.

Bundle 3: troubleshooting

Gestational diabetes? Gaining too much weight? Or not enough? Welcome to the Foublie Fam!

Bundle 4: ready to feed

Hello 3rd trimester! You probably feel real good right now aaand we’ve got your attention so let’s talk about how you’re going to feed your newborn.