How to Pick Meals for your Kids at Restaurants 

By Dr. Maria
Restaurants. Do you dare take your kids to them? Eating out has been a big part of my husband and my relationship so we have been taking our now two year old to restaurants since he was a baby. Sometimes it goes great, sometimes it ends in tears (more mine than his). Today I wanted to share a couple of steps we follow when we pick meals for him at restaurants. These are geared towards babies and toddlers and I hope you find them helpful. 

1. Pick something for yourself your kid might also enjoy.

We are big on having him eat what we are eating. We don’t make separate meals for him at home either. At restaurants since there are lots of variable I pick a meal for myself that I know has at least 1 thing he loves. Or a side dish he might love even if its plain rice. This meal in picture I picked because I know he LOVES rice and beans. 

2. Make a small plate of their own from your own plate.

Portion sizes in the U.S. are usually huge anyways! 

3. Start their plate with very small portions, especially of foods they are skeptical of.

Kids get really overwhelmed and this will encourage them to try more things. You can always offer more!

4. Don’t pressure them to eat.

Don’t talk about the food. You have provided them with food and options (including 1 you know they love!) Let them decide if and what they eat. 

5. Let them eat as much as they want from the options you provided.

From this plate Zayn wanted more rice and more beans, and wouldn’t touch his shrimp. That’s ok! Trust they know what their body needs. 

Do you follow a similar approach for your kids? 

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