Dirt Recipe

Add top dirt layer

A dirt recipe?! Oh the memories! This is an all time favorite of my childhood. Who is with me? We made dirt this week to celebrate Earth Day. Join us, or make it because it just feels right. This is an easy dirt recipe to make toddler friendly. There are a few actions, like smashing and mixing that are real fun for every age. One recipe note: use whatever you have. If you want to make pudding from scratch, do it! Use whatever cookies you have, not all of us are so lucky to have oreos on hand like I did!


  • 6 small cups (or 1 large bowl)
  • Measuring cup
  • Spoon
  • Whisk
  • Ziploc bag


  • Instant pudding mix
  • Other ingredients for instant mix (like milk)
  • Oreos (or cookies)
  • Gummy worms


Get the ingredients ready

All of em. Tools too!


Wash hands

20+ seconds. 

Water and soap. 

We’re so good at this!


Smash the cookies

We just squeezed them between our fingers in the bag.

If you want more bang, you can smash them with a meat tenderizer, etc. Be careful and watch for fingers!

oreos smashed in plastic bag

Make the instant pudding as directed

I used a Jello mix. It required us to mix 3 cups of milk into the powder.

It started to set real fast!

mix the pudding

Make the layers

Start with a worm.

Then some rocks.


gummy worms in small dish
Add first cookie layer

Keep going!

Add a layer of pudding.

Top it off with more dirt and worms.

Here is where this dirt recipe is all about improvising. Do what feels right. 


Add pudding layer
Add top dirt layer

Let it set and enjoy

This could be eaten right away, but we suggest letting it have some fridge time. Try for an hour, if possible.

Share a picture of your final dirt creation with us @Foublie We can’t wait to see it! 

What shall we make next?

Add top dirt layer