What's for Dinner? With Nancy from 2 Betties

We ran into 2 Betties co-founder, Nancy, at a taste test. 2 Betties makes snacks. They’re yummy. They are also 100% natural, free of additives and preservatives and sweetened with just a touch of honey or maple syrup.  I really enjoyed the Maple Sugar rounds, they reminded me of my childhood autumns at the cider mill. We got chatting and here we are with our next super parent blog post! Help us thank Nancy by reading more about her awesome mother/daughter business here or following her biz on insta!*

What do you want our Foublie community to know about feeding kids?

You can feed your family healthfully with a little budget and little time. It’s possible! We were always diligent about eating healthy and together. We ate a lot of stir fry because it was easy and fast. But when my daughter went to college, she was so busy. Home cooking was not possible so she turned to bars. She didn’t feel good! We looked at the ingredients and there were lots of added sugar and other things that didn’t need to be there. That’s where 2 Betties came from.

How did you instill a good relationship with food?

We’re practical. I don’t lecture, especially with kids today they can just tune it out and look it up themselves. As a family, we talk as we’re making something. We all make smoothies and as I add stuff in there we talk about it. Another thing that was so important, teaching them how to cook. My kids went to cooking camp when they were teens. They learned how to shop and make food. You can find cooking schools that are sleepaway camp, but also at many community centers, too!

What’s a good tip or trick you can share with other families?

Model the behavior you want your kids to do. They watch you! Kids are curious. I don’t drink soda and they would ask why and see me. Overtime that sinks in. It’s also hard but so important not to obsess over food, especially between mother and daughter. Keeping a balance is key, without obsessing with healthy eating. Moderation worked for us.

What’s your favorite go-to meal?

A Stir-fry!

Buy a bag of chopped veggies and add chicken, pork or beef. Saute it up! Just be careful not to add too much soy sauce. This one takes 20 mins or less. Enjoy.

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. We will highlight businesses and people that we believe in and that share Foublie’s values. Do you want to be featured? Shoot us a note at [email protected]


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