Green Pepper Craft

Hello! Ready to get crafting with green peppers? This activity combines crafts, food and fun! 

Between us adults, this craft is wonderful because it exposes your little one to green peppers in new and different ways. This is a proven strategy to get kids to try new things.

For all new foods and foods your kid may not love (yet) exposure is key. Touching, chopping, crafting all count. 

This activity is designed for little ones 2-4, everyone is welcome. 

Here we go! Dr. Maria and Zayn lead the way.



  • Toddler-safe knife
  • Cutting board
  • Paper plate
  • Paint brush
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • 2 Green peppers


Watch Dr. Maria and Zayn take on part one: chopping!: Spoiler alert… Zayn tries a green pepper for the first time. Check out how Dr. Maria encourages that first bite, with no pressure!


Wash hands

20+ seconds.

Water and soap.

You know the drill.

Get the supplies out

Green pepper.

Toddler-safe knife.

Cutting board.


Check out the video of Dr. Maria and Zayn.

You might need to start the first cut so your little one doesn’t need to break the skin.

Make stamps that your little one can hold on to.


Snack time!

Try tasting one of your creations. 

If your kid does not want to eat green peppers do not force, beg or pressure them to try.


Ready for more fun? Part two takes on crafting. Get the rest of your supplies ready and go for it. Dr. Maria uses two paint colors and the end result looks real snazzy. Well done!

Paint + Share

Stamp the pepper in the paint and then on the paper. Tah Dah!

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