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Need insurance coverage? While we do not take insurance, for some coaching calls we can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company if you receive out of network benefits. 

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Why work with a Pediatric Nutritionist or Lactation Consultant?

Nutrition from early childhood to tween to full on teenager is a very special time! Actions you take from choices about what little ones eat and how you feed them set the foundation for the future.

There is so much out there about nutrition. Do you ever wonder if what you’re reading on Facebook groups is scientifically sound? What credibility do other moms have when they share what worked for them? Our pediatric nutritionist coaches are all registered dietitians and some additionally have lactation credentials. They are the top experts in nutrition! Our amazing coaches provide the right mix of science and mom-sense to help you feed your family (and self) with confidence. Let’s do this!