Coach Vanessa and Keeping it Calm

The next coach we want you to meet is Coach Vanessa! She just graduated with her PHD. Congrats, Vanessa! For this blog post, Vanessa shares her professional wisdom and food allergy momsense. She shared some tips about how she feeds her family that are helpful for all of us!

No Judgement

Have you noticed that there are many different perspectives on nutrition, mealtimes and feeding kids? For Vanessa, she’s seen eating disorders. She’s seen complex cases with cystic fibrosis. She’s a pro with feeding tubes. She’s seen a lot as a mom to a 7 year old and an almost 3 year old. All of her personal and professional experiences have shaped her perspective, and it’s all about being judgement-free. Sounds like Vanessa + Foublie were meant to be!

Eat together once a day

The biggest thing that Vanessa’s professional brain brings to her personal life is a daily family meal. They try to do a family dinner most days! Vanessa wants her kids to learn to be disciplined to sit down to eat meals. It’s one time a day where we can sit down and be with each other, distraction free.

There are actually many advantages of family meals! Read more about the evidence here.

What you buy is what your family eats

If there are chips in the house, Vanessa’s family will eat chips. Same is true with vegetables and other foods. She doesn’t buy a lot of junk foods because if it’s in the house her family will eat it.

She’s not a short order cook

Her kids can choose to eat what she makes or not! If they don’t want to eat, that’s fine with her, but that is all anyone gets. Her little girl knows if she gets hungry later she’ll get a glass of milk. Not a special meal.

Don’t make a big deal about anything food related

Is it annoying when her child doesn’t eat what she cooks? Yes! But her kid will never know that. Vanessa remains calm and doesn’t make it a thing. Some days everything feels like a power struggle. “Don’t go there, you’ll go crazy”. Yes, Vanessa! Thank you for keeping it real.

Sugar is not evil

A few weeks ago Vanessa’s little boy was getting over a cold and felt miserable. They had ice cream for dinner (dairy free because he has a food allergy!). It wasn’t a big deal. They had fruit with it. The kids didn’t freak out. “Sugar is everywhere. Sugar is not evil.” Vanessa doesn’t want her kids to label foods as good or bad. It’s just food.

Be calm

Vanessa wants parents to remember that their kids are building a relationship with food. If a parent is stressed out about what they eat they pass it on, and that isn’t something you want to do. It’s ok to relax, and not judge. It’s all going to be ok.

Make Shepherd’s Pie

This is the meal Vanessa’s family eats a lot. Meat is hard for her to get her kids to eat! And she wants them to have the iron. Shepherd’s Pie is fun! She sautees ground beef with onion and salt and pepper. Then she adds a bag of frozen veggies and mixes it with the beef. Put the beef/veggie mixture into an oven dish and top it with mashed potatoes. Then bake it. Yuuum!

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