Meet Coach Allie and Make Some Breakfast Nachos!


Can you relate to a family where different people in the house follow different food philosophies? Coach Allie can, it’s her reality! She has been a vegetarian since she was 14, it makes her feel good. Her husband on the other hand is the total opposite. He would grill a steak every day if he could. What do you do when you’re managing different diets, preferences and want to keep things simple? With the risk Allie’s may read this blog, Allie shares her top strategies she uses at home to mix up what her family eats:


Tip 1: Find and share recipes of foods you want to eat.

Everyone has a role in the kitchen. For Allie, she prefers to clean up rather than cook. That works for her family because her husband loves cooking. Allie picks out the recipes and helps her husband modify them to match what they both like to eat. Not feeling red peppers? Swap it with zucchini. Not a rice family? Try whole wheat pita. Boom.


Tip 2: Start at the grocery store.

At Allie’s home, whoever does the cooking picks what’s for dinner. But! Who ever does the shopping picks the ingredients. Allie makes little swaps while shopping. Take bread for example. When it’s on the list she buys whole wheat, not white.


Tip 3: Keep it simple.

Allie’s family will splurge in time and complexity of meals every once in a while, like on Fridays when they fire up the grill and the fire pit. But mostly it’s a heat-up assembly line. Allie buys a few pre-prepared and frozen things and heats those up for weekday dinners. Talk about a fast and yummy meal.


Tip 4: Hard boiled eggs.

Allie loves em. A batch of hard boiled eggs get her through a busy week as snacks, quick breakfasts or even some fuel while on a hike.


Tip 5: Don’t skip out on breakfast.

Allie is a stickler about breakfast. It’s the meal she takes control of. It is the fuel for her fam’s day!


Breakfast Upside Down Nachos

So when we asked her for a recipe, she shared her fave.

Ingredients: eggs, soy-chorizo, cheese, avocado, salsa, and chips/engligh muffin/tortilla.

Steps: Break the eggs and scramble with a fork. Pour in a hot pan with a bit of butter the eggs and the soy-chorizo (this is precooked obi so just heat it up). When the eggs are cooked to your liking (3 minutes ish) put that in a new bowl with cheese, a scoop of salsa and some avo slices. Use your vehicle of choice to get that yummy stuff in your belly. Allie’s personal favorite are leftover Chipolte chips. That sounds delish.


Thank you Coach Allie!

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