Can You Prevent Food Allergies?

Food allergies suck. 1 in 13 kids in the US have one and that number is growing. Why? Well, the causes of food allergies are unknown. While there are many unknowns, there is evidence that feeding your kids the foods that commonly cause food allergies early and often can make a difference. This is the guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Great! Now what? Join us Friday August 9 at noon Pacific time for a webinar hosted by board certified pediatrician Dr. Maria Rivera. 

Dr. Maria will help us 

  • unpack the new AAP guidelines and what they mean for us as parents
  • understand if our child is at higher risk for a food allergy 
  • learn how and when to introduce the foods that are the common food allergens


Bonus! There will be plenty of time for parents to ask questions to our team of nutrition experts. 

Everyone who registers will have access to the recording, slides and our special reminder tools for your use at home! 

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