Baleadas Recipe

Baleadas are a very traditional Honduran street food. They are easy, delicious, and filling. This is their simplest form, but others have added more ingredients through the years- chorizo, beef, eggs, avocado, you name it.

Has your kid heard of Honduras? It’s where Dr. Maria is from! It is a small country in Central America with 9 million people and borders Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The main language is Spanish and its people are very kind and welcoming!

Step one. Everyone wash your hands.

Wash your hands

tortilla laid out flat on counter

Lay out your fluffy flour tortilla

spread the refried beans on the tortilla

Spread the refried beans on the tortilla

Spread sour cream on the tortilla

add cheese to the tortilla

Add queso fresco cheese to the tortilla

Fold and eat!