B is for Beans!

Today we are learning the letter B. Did you stock up on beans at the beginning of this pandemic?

Beans are one of our favorite foods. Growing up in Honduras I, Dr. Maria, ate beans pretty much every day. Luckily my son also loves them!

We first started by filling in our letter B with dried beans. We did not use any glue and simply rinsed them off and stored them back since they would be boiled for use later anyways. No food waste around here these days. We then made a super easy snack or breakfast that hails from my home country. Meet baleadas!

Baleadas are a very traditional Honduran street food. They are easy, delicious, and filling. In this recipe we take them on in their simplest form, but others have added more ingredients through the years- chorizo, beef, eggs, avocado, you name it. Has your kid heard of Honduras? It is a small country in Central America with 9 million people and borders Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The main language is Spanish and its people are very kind and welcoming! Enjoy some food from my home. 🙂

Baleadas Recipe


  • Plate
  • Spreading knife 
  • Spoon
  • Grater


  • Refried Beans 
  • Flour Tortilla (fluffy ones best!)
  • Sour cream 
  • Queso fresco (optional)

NOTES: Baleadas are always best when each of the three ingredients are high quality.

Our tortilla recipe is coming soon! Watch out for letter T.

The best sour cream options in order are 1. Honduran sour cream (found in Latin markets) or 2. Labneh (found in Arabic or Indian stores). 3. Creme Fraiche 4. Regular sour cream. 

Pick your favorite refried beans or try your hand at your own! I usually just mix small red kidney beans in an instant pot with some whole gloves of garlic thrown in, a quartered onion, & a bay leaf. I cook them, puree them, and fry them!


Wash hands

20+ seconds. Happy birthday twice.

Water and soap.


Lay out your tortilla

This is your blank canvas. 

Spread the beans

If your kid has clean hands they can just mash them on with their hands!

Add sour cream & cheese if using

Sour cream first. Then cheese. So good. 

Fold and eat up!

That’s it!