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Melissa & Maria cooking up Foublie

Hi there,

As a pediatrician mommy I thought I would have it all figured out when Zayn was born. Before I had him I was the perfect parent! Then he came along and I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Many of you know that feeding people is one of my biggest loves and I quickly realized I was totally winging it with feeding Zayn.

I have had so many questions as I have navigated Zayn’s feeding journey- from how much do I even give him? How do I wean him from nursing? Should I make him his own meal when he refuses what I make him? I get even more questions from my patients. This is why Melissa Antal and I started Foublie. We want to be a family’s support system as they deal with food allergies, picky eating, starting solids, breast feeding, formula feeding, and more. Feeding kids is hard- we want to support families through it!

After working on this for almost a year we are so excited to announce that our virtual nutrition clinic is LIVE. I would LOVE to tell you about how Foublie could help your family. As women we are so used to doing everything by ourselves and not asking for help but sometimes there are people out there that have already done it before!!

Did I mention you never have to leave your house to talk to a feeding expert now. Yay! 

We’ve got:

  • Appointments with the best pediatric registered dietitians and lactation consultants in the US.
  • Technical classes that give you all you need to learn how to feed your family (and picky eaters)
  • Fun food-based activities you can enjoy with the whole family, like Virtual Veggie Camp

Thank you to our partners, family, and friends for supporting us so far! And to our current and future customers, we can’t wait to be your partner on this awesome feeding journey.


Dr. Maria Rivera

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