2020 The Decade of Happy
Mealtime Peace Here We Go!

Did you commit to any healthy habits this year?

While most of the new year buzz centers on us adults, we want to direct your attention to your family. Let’s talk about family meals, specifically! Why not take on the decade with something not just for you but for the whole fam!

At Foublie we have developed a new philosophy around nutrition and feeding kids. There are 5 main principles that we have termed the Foublie Five. So what are the Foublie Five?


Get in the right mindset

How you act, the mood you set during a meal, and how your child feels all impact a meal. The first principle of the Foublie Five is to lighten the mood. If you’re stressed out at meals, it impacts everyone. If your kid doesn’t want to eat those veggies, you just got to be chill about it. Multiple studies have shown that pressuring kids to eat backfires and leads them to eat less. Good to know!


Manage a feeding schedule

Kids need routines! If you set a regular meal and snack routine it encourages kids to eat better. Snacking all the time may be what it seems like they want to do, but it is up to us to help nudge them out of the pantry and in to the backyard. 


Optimize the eating environment

The environment you eat in matters. No phones. No TV. Just the fam. 


Embrace exposure

Research shows that the more times kids are exposed to foods, the more likely they are to

like and eat the foods. For some kids they may need to see foods twice, for others it may be

40 times! We define exposure as seeing, licking, touching, etc. Consumption is a process.


Add in some fun and variety

Now that you have set a strong foundation for feeding, it’s time for fun! From food picks to

dips, have fun when you present food. Some laughs are the perfect way to enjoy a meal together. 

Want more detail? Our Feeding Toddlers and Picky Eaters class goes through the Foublie Five method in detail. It will be released at the end of January 2020 and you can preorder it here! 

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