Foublie is here to support parents build a lifetime of happy, healthy eating

Our Coaches are all registered dietitians and lactation consultants. Getting advice from a Foublie Coach is like talking to your favorite mom friend, who also happens to be a nutrition expert!

  • Licensed, registered dietitians
  • Certified lactation consultants
  • Food educators on a mission to make healthy eating fun
  • Teachers and coaches that love helping parents‚Äč

Foublie means making food fun. Feeding yourself, baby or child can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our approach to mom and childhood nutrition starts with delicious food so children develop a lifelong, positive relationship to food and eating. We are here to:

  • Educate parents on ho to make food fun
  • Serve parents by providing free and affordable nutrition services
  • Support parents with one-one live advice from experts