Why Foublie

We know feeding kids can be stressful, hard, and unfulfilling. Foublie Coaches help to bring joy back to food, and feeding your kids! So why do you need Foublie?

Meet your goals.

You pick your goals and your coach will help you break that down into small steps. Our coaches set you up for success because each step you take with us is something you can actually do.

Get advice on the go.

Have a quick question? Ask it. Your coach is there for you.

It’s easy.

Our coaches know your situation and your food preferences. Stop adapting generic advice, just save time and get something that works for your family.

We know food allergies.

All of our coaches have personal and professional experience with food allergies. We take food allergies seriously.

It’s awesome.

We combine our professional experience in nutrition, child development, behavior, research and motherhood. We don’t believe any one diet or one approach fits all, but have the knowledge to help you find what works for you.

What makes Foublie extra special?

  • We make nutrition straightforward. We don’t overcomplicate it.
  • We listen to your child. Your child’s development milestones will ‘trigger’ the next step. We don’t bother you with information you don’t need yet.
  • We listen to you. We give the right amount of information at the right time.
  • We break it down into small steps. Each step will take you closer to your goals! We don’t overwhelm you. Each week there will be wins!
  • We know different feeding approaches and will help you pick what best fits your style.
  • We realize we all respond differently to advice, so we let you choose what coaching style best fits you. You pick from 4 styles of coaching: Cheerleader, Librarian, Analytic, Innovator.

Foublie Coaches are experts.

All of our coaches have a masters degree in nutrition and are registered dietitians. They are seasoned professionals who have worked with pediatric clients and food allergy families. They are licensed, credited experts. At Foublie we stand behind our values (evidence-based, real to your situation, judgement-free and empowering) and we only work with registered dietitians that share our values. We provide special support for them to learn our style, an approach that combines behavioral science, child development, and pediatric nutrition.

Ready to get started?